Martin Garde Abildgaard

Martin is not like everyone else. He prefers beer over wine and tea over coffee. That pretty much reflects how Martin doesn’t always chose the conventional path.

Martin started out as an editor, he then moved into TV as head of development on Danish TV2 and then on to being the Creative Director of the TV production house Strix. And now finally Martin found his right shelf as a director and luckily he did so at Circus Alphaville.

The past 3 years Martin has also moved into fiction with his award winning short “Lovebirds” and his upcoming feature (due in 2020) “A beautiful curse”. Martin wrote and directed both films.

Martin has been a friend of ours for some years now and we already collaborated on his first feature. He has a very focused work ethic and an equally unpredictable creativity. This has led to projects for BMW, Acne, Danish Broadcasting, Buick, Adidas and Nowness.