Michael Noer

is a multi award-winning documentarist and feature film director. And that is just one of the many reasons why we like him so much.

His style is authenthic, raw and unique. R (2010), co-directed by Tobias Lindholm, and the documentaries Vesterbro (2007) and The Wild Hearts (2008) has marked him as one of the most talented directors of his time.

His debut has since that been followed by his second feature film Northwest (2013) which premiered at Gothenburg International Film Festival’s competition Dragon Awards and International Film Festival Rotterdam’s new competition The Big Screen. And then his 3rd and critically acclaimed “Nøgle, Hus, Spejl” (“Key, House, Mirror”) which features none other than the grand old lady of danish drama Ghita Nørby.

And finally we Michaels Hollywood debut – the remake of “Papillion” – had its world premiere this year at the Toronto film festival. We can’t wait for that to come to a theatre near you.